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Let good into your home

Taking good vibes and positive energy inside your home makes it livelier. Positive energy makes your house and future brighter. There are many traditional beliefs that some useful elements bring positive energy and fill your place with good luck. This traditional belief is reported to have actual effects. But these effects are not proven either scientifically or in any authentic records.

We have gone through many traditional relics and included many experts’ ideas to help you get positive energy in your home. Here are a long list of the traditional process, decorative furniture and antiques to let good in your home:

Let natural sunlight come into your room:

readily available simple tips for or getting good energy. Natural sunlight provides vitamin D, improves mood and happiness. It also removes dampness and depression feelings. Use curtains that can be moved to allow natural sunlight into the room. You can either use a glass window or draw the curtain to let sunlight into your home. Natural sunlight is also useful for the growth of pot plants inside the room that are used for decoration purposes.

Try to burn incense regularly

Humans are burning incense from ancient times, and this tradition is believed to bring positive energy. When the covered smoke is cleared, it is believed that any negative energy inside the room is also cleared. There are many different types of incense based on scent. Sandalwood and Rosemary are very common. On the other hand, Incense is also part of many religious rituals

Consider adopting a fish (8 or 9 fishes)

Banishing your bad luck and bringing in a more fantastic future is as easy as buying a fish. These watery pets are becoming popular at the present time. It is believed to bring good luck at home. According to Feng shui, selecting a fish and placing it in the aquarium following a systematic way can bring good luck. Feng shui states that fish absorb negative energy. They offer happiness, prosperity, wealth and health.

In Feng shui, the dragonfish is the symbol of wealth. The widely known goldfish is associated with the dragonfish and also known for bringing positive energy and good fortune.
The number of fish is believed to be 8 or 9 as a lucky number.

Bring in miniature bamboo plant:

This is another Feng shui element that is believed to bring good luck. This elegant looking plant not only brings good luck, but it also improves your mood and refreshes you, so to get concentration back into your work.

A similar group of plants like orchids and palms are also considered lucky for its owner.

Arrange your furniture according to Feng shui:

Well-balanced energy flow is the main concept of Feng shui. You should consider building your home and its surrounding, also placing all furniture inside the house according to Feng shui.

Placing furniture, according to Feng shui, will allow more natural light into the room and improve brightness.

Place a lamp in the corner of your living room:

Placing a lamp in any corner of the room symbolizes the power of wealth. It is believed to attract wealth in your home.

Hanging horseshoe over the door:

It’s an old tradition of believing that a hung horseshoe over the door brings good luck to everyone who enters through the door.

Some ideas also suggest placing the horseshoe facing upward to keep the good always filled.

Burning sage to clear airborne bacteria

This inclusion has some scientific base. Burning sage can reduce up to 94% amount of air Borne bacteria. It is also believed that burning sage keeps the unwanted negative energy away from home.

Keep the fruit bowl filled:

Different quantities of fruits are believed to bring in various degrees of positive energy. Such as peaches symbolize immortality.

Scattering acorns throughout the home:

In many traditions, acorns are believed to carry good luck. Scattering acorns throughout your house can turn bad luck into good luck.

Add some crystal to your decoration:

The vibration of the home can be raised by using crystals in decoration. Crystal is believed to inspire and offer creative ideas. It will improve your focus and make you productive.

Hanging a native American dream catcher:

The dream catcher is part of Native American culture. It is widely known to capture evil spirits and nightmares. It will bring sound sleep and make your body balanced.

Paint creatively using the right combination of colour:

Colour has a significant impact on human health. The right combination of colour creates a peaceful and calm feeling.

Green colour will ease pressure from your eye and help you concentrate.

Keep a Noble Elephants sculpture:

The Noble Elephant symbolizes wisdom and strength. It will add luxury and peaceful vibes to your home.

Here are some tips for decorating your home with good vibes and positive energy with a luxurious look:

  1. Select an appropriate theme
  2. Combine the colours
  3. Place your furniture wisely
  4. Adjust the lighting of the room
  5. Let the sunlight come inside the house
  6. Add some plants
  7. Keep the hallway clear

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